Our Mini Preschool Programme

Ages 18 months to 3 years

Our Mini Preschool programme uses hands-on exploration and social interaction in a safe, caring and stimulating environment to help the children learn about their expanding world.

Each term an interesting and engaging project theme is chosen for the children to explore and study. The project themes are selected carefully to ensure that the children receive a rich and multi-sensory curriculum throughout the year. A great part of the learning and activities that take place in the Mini Preschool revolve around the project theme chosen and stories, songs, art and crafts are linked to the theme wherever possible.

Daily activities take place in small groups or as a whole group and are made up of arts and crafts, singing, movement, circle time, story-telling as well as plenty of indoor and outdoor play.

All of these activities are thoughtfully planned opportunities for the children to learn more about the world around them, to feed their natural curiosity, to develop skills and competencies, as well as to grow communication skills and intercultural sensitivity. Our Mini Preschool curriculum is designed to adapt to each individual child’s age and developmental stage and to help them grow at their own speed. Additionally, we offer all our children extra-curricular classes including yoga as well as music classes focusing on early musical education in cooperation with the Musikschule Grünwald.

Our early childhood teachers provide our children not only with an opportunity to develop social and play skills but they also create daily experiences that promote the children’s blossoming independence and foster self-confidence. The class is led by qualified and experienced teachers who have been educated and trained in early childhood development and who really focus on each individual child, taking into account his or her unique personality. All of our teachers are fluent English speakers.

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