Upper Preschool Programme

Ages 3 to school enrolment

The Upper Preschool is divided into two separate age groups: one class for ages 3 and 4 and a class for ages 5 and 6. This way we are able to provide more age-appropriate lessons and support for each individual child. This also enables our teachers a more focused approach for the children as they grow and develop.

Our large and spacious classrooms are organised in a way that gives the children plenty of space to move around and to work on the floor and at tables, either individually or in groups. Within the classroom there are different areas of learning such as the Writing Area, the Reading Area, the Building Area, the Home Corner and the Montessori Corner which are regularly enhanced and altered to breed creativity, self-exploration and to further develop fine-motor skills. In addition to daily guided learning sessions, the children are given the freedom of choice to explore, play and experience as they choose during free play.

Each term a project theme is chosen for the children to explore and study. The themes are well selected to ensure that the children receive a rich and stimulating curriculum throughout the year. A great part of the learning that takes place in the Upper Preschool revolves around the theme chosen and literacy, numeracy, songs, crafts, stories and discussions are linked to and incorporated into the topic where possible.

The children learn through a variety of experiences including structured learning activities, play, arts, crafts, reading and much more. We place emphasis on language, literacy and mathematical development but add breadth through inclusion of science, history, geography, social studies and creative arts. In order to ensure that all teaching is at the appropriate level for each child, we often divide the children up into smaller groups within the two Upper Preschool Groups, based on their individual ability.

Our curriculum is further enriched by a wide variety of activities linked to the term’s project theme, such as excursions and field trips.
Our weekly extracurricular activities round off our programme. These classes change regularly and range from Music Classes in cooperation with the Musikschule Grünwald to Dance, Sports, Drama, Art and Yoga.

Our Preschool programme encourages children to learn and play together in an atmosphere of mutual respect with a curriculum that is structured but still fun. We teach our children to think critically and creatively as well as learn to communicate and learn in a team. By encouraging concentration, creativity, exploration and discovery, children acquire a love of learning that will remain with them throughout their lives.